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Raise Awareness
Raise Awareness
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Whether you are running a marketing campaign for a product, or you have a cause that you hold dear to you, having a digital campaign can prove to be an indispensable arrow in your quiver of the different marketing approaches you take.

To have an comprehensive effective strategy in raising awareness, some things that one has to take into consideration are:

Target Analysis

Find out what is already out there and what is needed to fill the gap.

Objectives and Goals

What is it that you want to achieve with the campaign. Set specific goals that have definate boundaries.

Target audience and what they value

Who is the target audience of the campaign, sex, age, profession and the like.

Choose a Channel

Which would be the most effective channels to use. What is available to you and what is available to the target audience.


Most campaigns are a process, punctuated by events, so choose wisely who to carry out the implementation


How will you know if your campaign is working and if it is reaching the desired audience. Have deliverables that are measurable and quantifiable.

Case 1.


Raising Awareness campaign.

The purpose of this campaign was to highlight information about Vitiligo and how to manage it.

It included but not limited to a website and a digital information dissemination. This also included the creation of flyers and posters that could be distributed either digitally or hard copy.

Case 2.


Raising Awareness campaign.

The purpose of this was to highlight the plight of street children and what it takes to create an environment that gives them a future.

It included the creation of a website and relevant material that could also be distributed digitally or via hard copy